Reporting Tools

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Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a powerful business analytics tool that allows users to visualize and share insights from their data. Think dashboards.

To enhance your Power BI experience, Spire has developed a custom connector that provides seamless integration with Spire. This connector enables you to effortlessly access and analyze your Spire data within the Power BI environment. The connector uses Spire’s API so the user will only be able to access the data they are authorized to view.

Spire MS Power BI Connector is now available for Spire Clients who maintain their annual software assurance.

If you would like to learn more, we are here to help!


Custom Reports

Get the reports you need, fast! Many accounting applications have a lot of reports but they don’t always suit your needs. There’s no need to settle. You can have what you want and start using the information to build your business and save time and money. At Edge IMS, we specialize in customizing and creating reports for all the applications we support.

Declutter Reports
Many times, the ‘out-of-the-box’ reports include much more data than you want. We can help declutter the reports so that only the information that’s important to you is visible. It’s amazing how much clearer your thoughts can be without all that extra ‘noise’.

Carry your branding through on documents that end up in your prospects’, customers’, vendors’ and employees’ hands. Logos and colour can also have lots of impact!

Multiple Layouts
If you want a different invoice layout to print for different invoice types, we can make it happen. The same goes for all your forms!

Orchid Info-Explorer Lite       

If you are a current Spire user and have some interest in exploring BI tools to harness the power of your existing business data, Info-Explorer Lite is available to you free of charge. This BI tool can be used to analyze your data using pre-defined, multi-dimensional cubes in a spreadsheet-style layout. Orchid Info-Explorer allows you to combine data from multiple sources and is ideal for integrated analysis and budgeting.

If you would like to know more about Info-Explorer or set up your free version in Spire, we would be happy to assist. There are some limitations to Info-Explorer Lite and should you want to push your analysis further, there are options to upgrade to the Standard or Writeback editions to unlock additional features.

This brochure provides some great information about the additional features and capabilities of Info-Explorer:

Orchid Info-Explorer Brochure

(Please note, Info-Explorer is not currently compatible with Spire Cloud-Hosting)

Breeze GL

BreezeGL automatically generates financial statements in Excel based on your Spire general ledger chart-of-accounts. These spreadsheets can then be modified to suit your exact needs. BreezeGL can refresh these spreadsheets with live Spire data at any time.

Many businesses require customized financial statements beyond those included in Spire. Spire supports a variety of complex GL structures, including divisions, segments, groups, and subgroups. The way these are best presented varies based on what these structures represent for your business. With BreezeGL you have complete control to arrange and calculate your financial statements to suit your business.

Accountants and finance professionals know and love Excel. When your business has the power of Excel as your financial reporting tool, your finance experts’ job to produce stellar financial reports becomes a Breeze.

BreezeGL Demo

If you want to know the basics quickly, fast forward to these times:

  • 08:26 – Example 1 – “My Big Beautiful Balance Sheet”
  • 28:09 – “How it works”

With BreezeGL, you can:

  • Automatically generate standard GL financial statements based on your chart-ofaccounts
  • Search, sort, filter and total by division, accounts, segments, groups, subgroups, locations profit centres
  • Add your own columns with calculations, such as % change
  • Create pivot tables and charts based on live Spire GL data
  • Add your own Excel macros to further automate statement preparation
  • Pull GL data from multiple companies (even those with different account structures, fiscal year-ends, currencies etc) and present them side-by-side.
  • Drill down into any number on any financial statement and review the associated source transactions to see what makes up the totals
  • Link to source documents associated with Spire transactions
  • Link BreezeGL data into your own spreadsheets
  • Enforce user security privileges as they are defined in Spire
  • Export and share your results with any Excel user

Other notable aspects of BreezeGL:

  • BreezeGL uses the Spire API exclusively
  • BreezeGL does not require Spire to be installed.
  • BreezeGL works seamlessly with Spire Cloud/Remote installations.

Sage Enterprise Intelligence

The demands placed on your business are moving at a faster pace every day. On top of it, the amount of information everyone is expected to sift through is growing by leaps and bounds, and your company does not have the resources to continually organize and update data into meaningful reports for every team member. In fact, 47% of midsized businesses agree that too many decisions are based on inaccurate or incomplete data, and 90% of business decision-makers at midsized companies don’t always have information available when they need it. This results in late decisions based on inaccurate data. Good news! Now you can transform your complex, fragmented data into meaningful information by using a business intelligence software designed for medium to midsized businesses like yours.

Intuitive, Fast and Comprehensive

  • Power to analyze and create business reports, dashboards or views on their own and specific to their job—with no special expertise required.
  • Offers intuitive viewing through a web interface, mobile devices, or through an Excel based interface.
  • User-defined reports, dashboards, KPIs, visually create a personalized view, and drill down to view data.
  • Connect to various databases including Sage 300, Sage CRM and Spire and more.

Top Sales Performers

Sales Summarized

Sales Performance

Sales Performance

Sage Intelligence

Sage ERP Intelligence Reporting helps companies to easily control, automate, and analyze their data to make better informed decisions, more quickly, across their business. It consolidates data from virtually any system and gives users a single version of the truth, helping to reduce spreadsheet chaos and improve collaboration. Dashboards and KPIs give users a pulse of the business while drill down capabilities gives users the ability to see the data behind it. Users can run reports with the click of a button or automate the running and distribution of reports out to teams or individuals. That is the value of true business intelligence!

Info Explorer by Orchid Systems

Info-Explorer, from Orchid Systems, is a versatile, multi-purpose, multi-dimensional tool that provides two different but related functions:

Analyze and explore your Sage 300 accounting data and other data – easy to use Business Intelligence

Prepare Budgets and Forecasts more easily and quickly, and in greater detail.

This delivers in-depth insight into your true business performance, in analyzing current data without the limitations of spreadsheets. When used for Budget preparation it enables you to review and fine tune your budget projections with all the advantages of multi-dimensional analysis and instant roll up/consolidation within the same tool.