Spire’s Service Manager is an optional Spire add-on module that was originally developed many years ago for the automotive industry but it can be used for many other service industries as well due to its customizability. Service Manager can be a valuable tool used to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction within your service business!

Spire Service Manager

The concept is that you add ‘Equipment’ linked to your customers, which in this example was cars and trucks. I’ve also seen houses, gym equipment, appliances, and more setup as ‘Equipment’ and I’m sure there are many other possibilities.

On each piece of Equipment, you can:

  • Store identifying information such as Make, Model, Year, Tag Number, Serial Number.
    • Note: These fields are customizable so you could name them appropriately based on the type of Equipment you sell/service, not to mention you can add User Defined Fields (UDFs) meaning the possibilities are practically endless.
  • Track readings each time you service that Equipment, such as Odometer reading, Copies (for photocopiers), Steps (for fitness equipment) or whatever readings are appropriate for your type of Equipment.
  • Link invoices to that piece of Equipment so that you can see a full history of work on it whenever you want.

This is very useful when providing excellent service to your customers in that it’s very easy for you to review your historical work on a piece of equipment before proceeding with any new work. Perhaps last time you made a note on the invoice that the equipment should have something done on its next service. Voila, you’ve made a happy customer, you’ve provided excellent service for that piece of Equipment and you haven’t lost the revenue opportunity that was noted at the last appointment.

I’m sure you can easily imagine how Service Manager would work for actual Equipment by envisioning this auto shop scenario. But as mentioned above, there are some other interesting ways to utilize Service Manager. If you sell equipment that is installed in a building, for instance, HVAC, you may want to actually setup the home (or business property) as a piece of Equipment instead of the individual items. In this case, you may have one invoice where you are selling multiple items for a new home, i.e. furnace, air conditioner, fireplace. You would then link this invoice to the house, and any service invoices can also be linked to the house. Now, if that person moves and you get a call from the next homeowner, you can simply change the customer on that Equipment record (the house) and when that customer calls, you have all the historical records for their home, even though they don’t!

The bottom line with Spire’s Service Manager can improve efficiency and help you provide excellent Customer Service and close follow-up sales. We help clients with their individual scenarios all the time, helping them get the most out of their software to reach their business goals. Service Manager is just one of the tools in our tool belt but it’s a good one!

To watch a video overview Spire’s Service Manager take a look click here or check out our other blog posts featuring additional Spire add-on’s that can help improve your business.

Spire Version at the time of Writing: 3.6