Edge IMS

Back in 2010 when Denise Burke and I were brainstorming about a name for our fledgling company (now Edge IMS), we knew we wanted something catchy and easy to remember but we also wanted something that describes clearly what we do. We sat down with a glass of wine (or two 😉) and wrote down a bunch of one-word names. For a while, having a colour in our name sounded like a possibility because a colour gives one a visual image which, in our minds, would make our name stickier in people’s minds. But, we didn’t end up going down that road.

‘Edge’ was a strong contender because we felt that people that invest in their technology would gain the edge in their own businesses. Once we settled it, I made a quick call to my cousin, one of the owners of Edge Imaging, to make sure he didn’t mind us using the same first name. He gave us the green light so next we tackled the descriptive part of our name.

Now, you might be saying to yourself, “IMS is not descriptive…I have no idea what that means”. And, you’d be right, but our full name is Edge Information Management Solutions. It turns out that’s quite a mouthful so we gave ourselves the nickname Edge IMS. That said, Information Management Solutions is a very good description of our business. Clients that have business information they need to track (such as customers, vendors, inventory, job costing, general ledger, payroll, etc.) need appropriate applications to effectively manage that information and data. Those are the kinds of solutions that we offer to our clients, and our support can range from consulting and helping clients make business decisions, to company setup and configuration, training, report development, and technical support and maintenance.

Edge Information Management Solutions seems like a pretty good name to us. How did you come up with yours?

To read more about the Edge team, check out our bios: https://edgeims.com/about/