Sage 300 Enhanced security doesn’t need to be complicated! Data security has become even more important as technology advances and companies increasingly shift to remote access for their staff. With these new requirements, Sage has some cool features that will allow businesses to streamline access for their users.

Did you know you can limit user visibility to the list of companies in your Sage 300 system?

Historically, the user would be shown all available companies in the drop-down list during login. This is not always ideal as there may be private companies not to be shared with all staff. Users can also get confused by the number of companies if they only ever work in a few. In multi-company environments where data is being stored on one server but accessed by different units, security and user rights can be a critical component for finance and operations.

With a few simple configuration changes, this functionality can be changed!

Step 1    Enable application security for all the System databases in Database Setup

Sage 300  SQL Server Database Profile

Step 2    Login to each company as ADMIN (or a user with appropriate rights) and set the User Authorizations for the individual users for each individual company, as per usual.

Sage 300 User Authorizations

Step 3    Browse to the Sage program files directory and open the Runtime folder and locate the a4w.ini file. Open this file in Notepad and find the [Defaults] section.  Set the UserAuthenticatedLisOfCompanies field to 1 (by default it will be 0).  Save the file.

This is the setting that turns on the function to hide the company list for users without authorizations and forces the entry of the password before showing the list.

This feature is available for both Sage 300 and Sage 300cloud (formerly Sage 300c) starting in version 2018. If you have any questions about this feature, or would like some help with setting this up in your business, let us know.

For additional information about setting up Company or Systems databases for Sage 300, checkout the online documentation here:

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